‘What we think, we become’, is a famous and an inspiring quote from Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. ‘In order to attain salvation, one should make up one’s mind, constantly think about it, fix it and then one should make sustained efforts in the right manner in reaching one’s goal. In other words, if you think well, you will become good; if you think bad or in an evil way, you will become bad or an evil.

The younger generation, in particular, the student community should be inspired by his sayings; they should have a clear cut vision or plan over their future; then only then can reach their destination. Of course, in order to become what they wish, they should work hard in the right direction, in the right way and in the right manner.

Every single word is originated from the fallibility of the human mind. Our skulls are like little cul-de-sacs of thought just waiting to spring into words. Our brains are tiny galaxies going through the motion of creating a multitude of thoughts through the firing of billions of synapses. The only way we can share these thoughts with each other is through words. But first our thoughts need to be clear enough to become words. This seems simple, but sometimes it’s the little things, the basics, that prevent us from being clear with each other. Sometimes getting the horse back in front of the cart is as simple as clearing our minds so that our thoughts are clear enough to become words, while also being okay with the fact that we will never be completely clear on anything – quite the existential gamble. We must first be okay with being tiny cosmonauts in a giant cosmos, both literally and figuratively, so that we can eventually be okay with our words being fallible constructs springing from fallible thoughts.

We can also adopt the above sayings for our personal life. Though our lifestyle is molded by many factors like education, family background, economic situation, caste and communal considerations and external factors like our neighborhood, political situation or background etc. we must be constantly guided by the light is focused here at any stage of our life and at any given situation. Then we can remain rest assured that we will reach our chosen goals safely in our life.

Like other educational institutions, St. Gregory’s High School and College plays an active role to mold a student in becoming a complete human being and provide all opportunities for humanitarian, intellectual, mental and physical growth. This institution provides the students with a lot of ambit for their intellectual and mental advancement.

The end of each year is a good time to pause and evaluate how much effort we have ingrained throughout the year to reach our desired goal. I strongly believe that most of the students and teachers have sacrificed their best efforts to make our students not only intellectually outstanding but also an excellent MAN with human values, behavior and attitudes.

I wish all the, members of the governing body, teachers, students, guardians and staff the very best in every sphere of life.



Bro. Nicholas LitonTolentino,CSC,

Vice Principal.